Hedgehog Breeders

Breeding hedghogs is a business. As with any business, there are good people and bad people in the business. Finding a good breeder is very important. The following is a list of breeders.

If you have visited one of these breeders, please let us know by emailing ask@hedgies.com. Let us know how you rate the breeder and we will include your feedback in our description of each breeder.

United States Breeders

BreederUSDA LicenseDescription
Hedgie Hut   Registered breeder. Allows visitors to meet hedgehogs. Given good rating by one person.
Got Hedgehogs? 71-A-1142 Referred by the Hedgehog Welfare Society.
Heaven Sent Hedgehogs 84-A-0163 (cancelled) Given good rating by two people.
We are Picky Hedgies 84-A-0178 Referred by the International Hedgehog Registry.
Southeastern CT Hedgehogs    
Beach Bum Hedgehogs 58-A-0274 Referred by the International Hedgehog Registry. Given good rating from two users.
Heart to Heart Hedgehogs 84-A-0175  
Hedgehogs by Adam 58-B-0585  
Hedgehogs by Hoodpetz 58-B-0503 Given a good rating by one person.
Hurricane Hedgehogs 58-A-0262 Referred by the International Hedgehog Registry.
Panhandle Exotics 59-A-0316
Sunshine Quill Hedgehogs 58-A-0293 Given good rating by one person.
Double S Hedgehog Ranch 33-A-0482 Given good rating by one user.
Morning Star Hedgehogs 33-A-0552  
Quilly Garden Hedgehogs (normalcpl@a5.com) 33-A-0468 (cancelled)  
CC's Exotic Pets 32-B-0225  
Hedgie Haven   Given good rating by two users.
Hawkeye Hedgies 42-A-1372  
Hedgehog Valley 48-A-1561 Given good rating by three users.
KyQuill'N   Given good rating by two users.
Otherworld Exotics    
Terrapin Hedgehogs 51-A-0028  
Jill's New England Hedgehogs 14-B-0038  
Rosewood Hedgehogs 14-A-0021  
L&L Exotic Pets (llexoticpets@chartermi.net) 34-A-0132  
Lara's Little Hedgies 34-A-0175 Given good rating by one user
Prickly Creek Exotics 34-A-0133 Given good rating by one user.
Ark-cessories, Inc. (arkcessories@yahoo.com) 41-B-0216  
Hedgie Delight 41-A-0442  
Laurel Cronin 43-A-3701  
Kindercritters Exotics 81-C-0046 Given good rating by two users.
Critter Crazy Hedgehogs 81-A-0051  
New Hampshire
Prickly Pair Hedgehogs 12-A-0010 (cancelled)  
New York
Hog Heaven (kitscallsgina@yahoo.com) 21-B-0164  
North Carolina
Pixie's Exotic Hedgies   Given good rating from one user.
Zippity Zoo's Hedgies 55-C-0158  
Ohio Millermeade Farms 31-A-0078 Given good rating by one user.
Atlantis Hedgehogs 73-A-1950  
Okie Pokey Hogs 73-A-2716  
Hedgie Pets 92-A-0365  
South Dakota
Northern Plains Hedgehogs 48-A-0398  
Donna Mims 63-A-0161  
Mrs. Tiggy Winkle's Hedgehogs 74-A-1433  
PHAT Exotics (phatexotics@aol.com) 74-A-1419  
Hedgehog Luv 52-A-0169  
Riddles Hedgehogs 52-A-0164  
Bloomin Hedgehogs 91-A-0116  
Kymwana Tiggy Winkles 91-A-0107 Given good rating by two users.
Lilac City Hedgehogs 91-A-0112  

USDA License Information

The USDA License information above may be verified by going to The USDA database search. Type the license number into the field marked "Certificate ID" and click "Search". At the bottom of the form, you will see Results that will include a PDF copy of the inspection reports and a note indicating if the license is active or cancelled.

The letter in the license is the license class. Class A licenses are breeder's licenses. Class B licenses are broker's licenses. Brokers may operate as a breeders, but are expected to also deal in the purchase and transport of large quantities of animals.