Legality of Owning Pet Hedgehogs

Many areas of the world have restrictions on pet ownership. Often, there are restrictions against owning a hedgehog as a pet. If you are caught with a hedgehog, the local authorities will likely give you a large fine and euthanise the hedgehog.

None of the Hedgies.com editors are legal professionals. Do not assume that every legal issue about hedgehog ownership is covered here. Please use this as a first step in learning about hedgehog legality in your area. The next step is to contact your local police and/or wildlife office and ask if there are any legal issues about hedgehog ownership in your area.

It is illegal to own a hedgehog in some states. Some specifically identify "hedgehog" to mean the "African pygmy" breed of hedgehog.
Verified "No Hedgehog" states are: California, Georgia, Hawaii, and Nebraska
Some cities have laws against hedgehog ownership.
Verified "No Hedgehog" cities are: New York City
Some areas require a permit for ownership or importing.
Permit requiring states are: Arizona, Maine, New Jersey, and Wyoming.
Wisconsin requires a permit to bring a hedgehog into the state.
Pennsylvania does not require a permit, but simply disallows any importation of hedgehogs.
Australia classifies all hedgehogs as illegal to import.
Other issues:
Idaho, Oregan and Quebec specifically ban European hedgehogs but allow the normal African pygmy breed.

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