Reasons to Own a Hedgehog

Other than the obvious "cute factor," there are many reasons why you may consider owning a hedgehog:

Hedgehogs do not spead dander
If you are allergic to cats and dogs, you are most likely allergic to the dander. Hedgehogs do no spread dander and will not trigger allergies. However, it is possible that you could be allergic to hedgehog related items, such as hedgehog food.
Hedgehogs are quiet
If you listen, you will hear a hedgehog make heavy breathing noises, a sort of snuffling. When excited or upset, a hedgehog will grunt and pop. Rarely, a hedgehog will make a soft chirp. All in all, most hedgehogs are very quiet.
Hedgehogs are small
If you live in an area that only allows small pets, a hedgehog will likely be allowed. There are restrictions in some areas against owning a hedgehog (and other pets termed "exotic"). Keep in mind that just because a hedgehog is small does not mean that it wants a small place to live. You need to give your hedgehog as much room to run around as possible.

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